Things that Affect the Prices of Iron on Patches

For people looking to reproduce their logos, custom embroidered patches are one of the best and inexpensive options they should consider. It also provides convenience since they will no longer need to have their logos stitched on their garments. This is also a good way to save money. The variety of clothes and items on which iron on patches can be applied to is quite vast. This kind of versatility makes it a good branding strategy which is why most companies and organizations apply them on their uniforms. Among the best things about these patches is that they can feature a higher level of detail in their design compared to direct embroidery since they are sewn into twill fabrics which are more stable.

Lots of people order iron on patches without having much knowledge about them. It is easier to get the best out of your orders if you have more knowledge about the parts and types of custom patches. Through this, you can be certain that they will serve their purpose well. This can also shorten the process of ordering them and you will be able to have the assurance that their designs will look at their best. We are able to provide you with various suggestions for your designs if you opt to purchase from us but it is still best if you can figure out just how you want your patches to look like.

Iron on Patches

Percentage of embroidery coverage, size and quantity are the three main factors that affect the price of the patches. These are basically among the first things people should be mindful of before purchasing custom patches. We guide the clients who are looking to purchase patches on how they are priced. We provide a more detailed info on our website and we give them free quotes as well so they will be guided on the pricing.

Our company provides a cheaper cost per unit depending on the quantity of patches being ordered by our clients.

This is a good reason for them to purchase in bulk. We have a minimum order size for patches. We also accept orders below that number but with a fixed manufacturing cost. If you think that in the near future you will be needing more of the same custom patches you are planning to purchase, it would be better to have that margin in advance not just to cut the cost but also to save time. Keep in mind that each order takes time and in cases when clients need their custom patches right away, they will have to opt for a rush order.

PatchesThe size of the actual embroidered patches is the second thing that contributes to how they are priced. Iron on patches can be manufactured with different shapes and you literally have lots of shapes to choose from. Whether you are planning to go for shields, circles, squares, dragons or pentagons, the size will still be determined the same way. We simply add the height and width and divide them by two. It is wrong to assume that the size of patches are based on their actual area. This is the standard calculation that all of the manufacturers follow. Just follow this instead of using a basic geometric method of finding the area of patches when calculating for the costs.

The coverage of the embroidery that should be applied to your iron on patches is the third major factor in pricing.

Patches that need a lesser amount of embroidery will cost lesser than those that are completely covered since embroidery takes time and thread. The breakdown of prices are based on the 50%, 75% and 100% coverage categories. It is best to pick the right color of twill fabric in order to reduce the embroidery coverage needed for your design.

However, if you are looking to create a highly attractive batch of patches, 100% embroidery coverage can certainly serve you well. The outcome may vary depending on the design of the custom patches but they will definitely be more desirable compared to those with a lesser embroidery coverage.

There are a few more things that can affect the prices of one’s orders. This includes the features and add-ons. If you are looking for more info to be guided with your orders, you can simply check our site or ask a quote. We can also help you with your designs, ensuring that they will look as clear and as clean as possible when embroidered on the twill fabrics. Place your orders now to be certain that you will get them in the proper time.

Make Your Employees Happy at Work: A Taste of What You Can Learn from

If you are a boss and you worry about your employees’ happiness, we, at, have a great motivational speaker that can educate you on the great practices to solve this particular dilemma. Our speaker can have a talk in your company to relay important information that could improve your employees’ productivity without compromising their happiness and comfort. For the meantime, this article will provide a few pointers that covers the surface of what a speaker can talk about.

1. Respect Begets Respect –

Sometimes bosses lose sight of where they came from and become egotistical. They sometimes forget that before they got to the top they also started from the bottom. When this happens they always think that the only opinion that matters is theirs. This, in turn, will produce a hostile work environment.

Their employees will start disrespecting them behind their backs. In addition to that, employee retention will be a lot harder. To get loyalty and respect, you should give them first. You must understand that your employees studied to get skills to qualify for their jobs. Their ideas and opinions has the same importance as yours. You should make them feel that their inputs are acknowledged. If you do this, you will be respected and people will want to work for you and with you.

Great Motivational Speaker

2. Someone Knows Something You Don’t –

In any industry or field, you should never be a know-it-all. No matter how many years you have worked in a field you will soon encounter someone that can teach you a thing or two. When you start disregarding someone’s input, you are disrespecting that person.

This is especially true if you are trying to interfere in someone else’s job because he was hired for that specific position. He is a professional who studied and trained for that job. He doesn’t need someone who constantly corrects and yells instructions. If you give him more freedom to work on his magic then you will eventually see a rise in morale and productivity. We guarantee that you will learn something you if you just stand by and watch your employees work.

3. Lighten up The Ambiance –

Our speaker at delivers information with humor infused shows or talks. Humor is a very important part of it because people will be more active and attentive. They are having fun therefore they are retaining the information we relay.

If your work place becomes an uptight dungeon for production then your employees will lose interest and drive. They will be burned out quickly and will jump off your ship. On the other hand, a fun working environment will encourage creativity and increased productivity. You and your employees will have fun at the office that your jobs will become second nature to you.


4. Trust Your People –

Remember that you and your employees are on the same team. That makes your employees your teammates. In sports, if your team wants to win the game then you must trust each other’s abilities. You can lead but you cannot do it alone. If you want your company to grow and succeed then you must trust your people.

Your employees have the capabilities to come up with their own solutions and decision. You can ask them for their opinions and take note of them before making a decision. This is especially true when it comes decisions that will change something. Unexpected changes makes people uncomfortable and vulnerable. These feelings can affect their happiness and productivity. If they feel that you trust their decisions then they will trust your judgment and decisions in return.

These are just four things that our speaker at may cover. Take note that our speaker’s approach varies according to your company’s specific needs or requests. The only constant thing about him is that he will provide effective, humorous and motivational speeches and talks. You will never encounter a dull moment while listening to him.

If you want to hire a motivational speaker, you can visit our website – and contact to us.

Smart ways of Shopping for Cheap Golf Clubs

We have listed a few smart tips to help buyers find cheap golf clubs. Anyone can claim that they are selling cheap items but cheap is a relative concept. What is cheap to some may be expensive to others.

So we have set guidelines on how one can really determine if they are getting a bargain or not.

Know the actual price of the Golf Club

Before you can come up with a conclusion that you are getting a bargain, you must have an idea of the prevailing market price of the item. The best way to do this is to make a few price queries from different shops.

If your purchase price is below than the prevailing market price, then you could really be making a bargain. But then again, you must also take into consideration the quality of the golf club that you buying. If you are paying for a low price for a low quality golf club then it cannot be considered as a bargain because you are just getting your money’s worth.

Cheap Golf Clubs PriceSet a Budget

Once you have identified the dominant market price of the golf club, set your budget. Set a price that you can afford and willing to be spend to get your own golf club.

If you are able to buy a club that is below the market price and below your actual budget, then you have the right to declare that you have actually made a smart purchase. However, you must always remember that the quality of the club must not be sacrificed.

Learn to Haggle

There are times that buying cheap golf clubs will really depend on the bargaining or haggling power of the buyer. Some people are able to buy a high quality item at a much lower price because they have asked for it.

We know that it could be embarrassing at times to ask for a discount if the store or shop did not explicitly offered a discount. The fear of being looked down or being turned down could sometimes just overpower our desire. It is understandable but the thing though is that, you will never know if they give you a discount not unless you ask for it.

Buy in bulk

Normally it is cheaper to buy in bulk compared to making an individual purchases. Therefore, if for instance you and a few friends are interested in buying cheap golf clubs, you can try to pool your order so that you can buy your items at the same time.

Stores are more willing to give you discount if you will be buying a certain number of items compared to you just buying a single item. The same is true when buying golf clubs.

Take advantage of discount coupons

Cheap Golf ClubsYou can find discount coupons in magazines, online shops, newsletters and many others. Do not throw coupons away instead use them. If you do not own any discount coupons, you can also search for sellers of vouchers that would allow you to buy certain items at a discount.

Yes, you still have to pay for the coupon but if you do the math, even with the coupon and the amount you have to pay for the golf club, you will still end up paying less. You just have to resourceful where to find discount coupons and vouchers.

Look for clearance sale

When stores announce clearance sale they normally sell items at a much cheaper price. Stores sell their items at considerably lower prices because they are just trying to dispose the items that they still have in their inventories.

Again, resourcefulness is the key here. Most businesses would have a clearance during they are about to end their fiscal year or during the middle of the year. You must know about these things if you want to be able to get the best deal there is.

Choose Quality over Popularity

When it comes to making a smart purchase, you should not look at the brand or the popularity of the item. Instead, you must look at the quality of the product.

Popular brands are mostly more expensive compared to less famous brands. The reason has something to do with the costs and expenses related to paid advertisements. They spend money to make their brands famous and they have to get these expenses paid by raising the mark up price of their products.

On the other hand, unpopular brands do not have to worry about these expenses; they can afford to sell their items at much lower price compared to the branded items. The same thing apply to the buying cheap golf clubs, just because they are cheap does not mean that are of low quality.

Rockbottomgolf provide a wide range of golf clubs with very lower price. You can find all golf club details on our website.  

The Positive Effects of Spiritual Awakening

As the term suggests, spiritual awakening goes beyond the mind and the body. It reaches a part of a person’s soul that cannot be defined by science or even described by concrete words. It is not something that happens to you by chance or coincidence. You have to actively seek out for it only when you know you’re ready.

People who want or even need a spiritual awakening are typically those who believe they have reached a low point or major crossroad in their life. They need to make certain changes that will involve their state of consciousness. It doesn’t happen with little changes of the heart or new perspective on topics. It involves something bigger and more drastic that will have them come out as different people.

What is spiritual awakening?

spiritual awakeningSpiritual awakening is a major shift in consciousness where we let go of our ego and allow ourselves to have life-changing realizations. It is difficult to give an exact definition to a person’s consciousness because it is different for everyone. Generally, people who undergo a spiritual awakening feel more at peace than ever before, with themselves and with other people. They are more aware of their negative traits and want to change them. Their priorities change dramatically. What used to be important to them now seem like trivial things. They have the urge to be creative. They question the meaning of life and have a clear picture of their essence and identity.

How do you attain spiritual awakening?

Most people believe that spiritual awakening is a miracle. It is not caused by one specific thing or even a few factors. It is a combination of a person’s nature, biology, history, current consciousness, and of course, external stimulants.

spiritualPerhaps the most common way people achieve spiritual awakening is through the exposure to religion. This does not mean a person has to start looking at optimized sites for specific faiths and be converted to a different religion. You can find spiritual awakening by seeing the religion you were born to in a different light.

If you feel that your current religion does not align with what you want to believe in, converting is an acceptable option. Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism focus on letting go of earthly possessions and finding your inner peace which is why many people turn to these two for a chance at spiritual awakening. A religion like Islam abides by strict traditions and practices which some people think is the answer to their urges.

Whichever religion you choose, the most important thing is to connect to a higher power, to have a strong faith, and to abide by a belief system in line with your new found being.

Another popular trigger for spiritual awakening is a change in location. Usually, what causes sadness in a person is his outside environment. If you are unhappy with your family, friends, work, perhaps traveling or moving to another location is what will suit you. You can do a search for real estate property companies promoted through real estate services. This does not mean running away. People who have gone to other places to find themselves return to where they came from so they can make amends using a fresh perspective.

Sometimes, attaining spiritual awakening does not involve making major decisions in your life. You can have an awakening in your own room just from a series of deep ruminations aided by the words of others.

The good in spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is always considered as something positive. When we hear a friend or loved one say “I’ve had a spiritual awakening,” we immediately think that it is for the better. Spiritual awakening is not just something that happens within a person. It is also something he projects onto the world. People who have had a spiritual awakening feel more empathy and want to do good to others.

Facing your spiritual journey

Changes come and go in our lives, and more often than not these changes affect us deeply. Be it positively or negatively, emotionally or physically; it’s natural that we encounter experiences that shape us and the way we live our lives. Now, this blog will be encompassing a specific sort of change, spiritual.  One very significant experience is your spiritual awakening. You may have heard it before or encountered it with your own degree of skepticism or acceptance, and this is another introduction amidst many.  It’s up to you whether you want to welcome your awakening or not. In any case, if you are interested, then this blog is just the right one for you!


SpiritualityEnlightenment or awakening is big words that will be thrown about with great frequency. In fact these have been used in so many applications and situations that it’s difficult to pin down exactly what it strictly means. But what we can be sure of is that it’s achievable and involves a fundamental change in oneself. You can change, you can be wakened spiritually and come to know yourself better in the process.


It’s high time your spiritual awakening is discussed. It’s broad and vague at this point, but the rest of this post will hopefully serve as a remedy. Awakening is rousing oneself;changing from one state of consciousness to another, but only spiritually. Technically, we are all awake. The fact that you are reading this proves my point, but some are more spiritually aware than others, and there’s no mistake in calling them spiritually awakened.


Though spiritual awakenings are unique, the hallmark of a spiritual awakening is a profound realization. It is a realization that tips your vision in life, something that is deep and personal. This realization comes with a spiritual truth that will stay with you, whether you pursue it or not. Things may not go back the way they were, especially if the awakening is dramatic and filled with stagnant energy that suddenly burst forth like the popular kundalini awakenings.


It may take a while to settle down, to sift through the innate changes and to chance upon the spiritual truth that your higher consciousness chose to give. Don’t panic if you can’t find it instantly, you have the rest of your life to figure it out because you have your own journey to fulfill. Calm yourself, because upon your spiritual awakening begins your journey. You have all the time in  your hands to reflect and recognize the instinctive changes, among other things that your spiritual awakening will doubtless inspire.


Everyone has a unique spiritual journey. Some take on habits like meditation, yoga and adapt certain lifestyles that embrace their growth towards a spiritual awakening. There’s nothing wrong with adapting habits, especially if they help you know yourself better. Your journey will certainly be more personal and attuned to you than it is to another person, though you are not on your own and this blog will hopefully serve as a guide. And though every journey takes different twists and turns, they share the same destination, which is spiritual awakening, if not spiritual growth.


So don’t be afraid to try out whatever activity calls you. You may find that your diet subtly leans more towards healthier food, or you may find that you seek out opportunities to help others, or a lot of things that your spiritual awakening will no doubt bring out of you. Don’t let your past self dictate your awakened self. Because your spiritual journey begins where your higher consciousness awakens.


Ultimately, spiritual growth is all about recognizing the truths of this world. It is seeing the world in an unhindered point of view. You’ll realize once you get there that you’d rather have substantial rather than superficial things on your mind. You’re ready to face spiritual truths and come to realize how vastly hindered you were before your awakening.


With this in mind, it’s good to welcome you towards recognizing your inherent capabilities. Whether you have faced your spiritual awakening or not, you innate spiritual growth is something to nurture. This is with high hopes that the very first post aided you!