About Us

Inspiring a spiritual lifestyle

There’s a saying that all roads lead to Rome. And though there are many roads in your spiritual journey, we present an avenue that you can explore. In its core, an avenue is what we ultimately provide. Yes, it sounds very far-fetched and too good to be true. But in a journey when facing one’s spiritual awakening, it’s all too easy to get lost.

You will face a lot of challenges that would give you a lot of pressure. Some challenges that may come to questioning who you are and considering who you were in retrospect before your awakening. This is natural. And this usual comes with a feeling of going ‘somewhere’ but not exactly knowing where exactly. That’s your higher consciousness reaching out to you;through your heightened senses and sudden shift due to your awakening. You must be able to relate to the sensations that are relayed to you at this point, we’ve all been there. Some are actually undergoing that stage. This blog ultimately seeks to help; to provide guidance spiritually. Like a spiritual support group, no matter how cliche it may sound.

Though our awakening will grant us different views and opinions based on what was revealed to us (or what is yet to be revealed, for those yet to be awakened) there remains mutual respect in this regard.

Everyone’s spiritual journey are personal, no one will come out from the woodwork to demand a uniform belief or movement. We simply made this blog to provide a compass;a guide for those who are seeking out their path. If you find our ideals and journeys suited to yours, then we are glad to have helped. If not, then it heartens us nonetheless that someone cared enough to read and to hear out our point of view.

There are many signs that mark a spiritual awakening. In the same way that everyone has a unique fingerprint, we all have our own signs. A spiritual awakening is innate, some may exhibit very obvious symptoms as an abrupt outlook in life, or some have a small realization that doesn’t manifest itself much. What remains is one thing: change. We all deal with these changes in our ways, coping with the severe shifts in out outlooks towards the world. Some embrace it wholeheartedly, while others don’t. It’s a personal decision, though granted once your higher consciousness begins to send signs of a spiritual awakening; it’s the symptoms that more often than not mean you are ready.

Be it in shedding your doubts and fully affirming your sense of self. Yes, who you really are without the pretense that clouds our sight. Facing this jarring change is what begins your spiritual awakening. You will find that it’s probable you’ll nurse a lot of hope and happiness deep inside you, in finally realizing your innate potential, which is great;because that’s what we want to provide. Try to begin embracing your inner potential and familiarizing yourself with the extent of your capabilities. There’s truth in the saying “If there’s a will, then there’s a way,” especially in your spiritual situations.

Facing these changes won’t be easy at all. Most especially when faced with the worldly awareness that your higher consciousness may begin to give. Usually this is given through realizations and compassion towards those who are facing the despair of their circumstances. It’s scary at first, but we’re here to provide the avenue for assistance. You are alone, and it’s okay to seek out those who share the same situations as you;people who are on their spiritual journeys, who have faced their spiritual awakening and who are dealing with the pivotal changes in their lives much like you do.

We have a mission to help. Because a spiritual journey shows you the bigger picture, it’s easy to find that the small assistance goes a long way towards others who are on their way towards enlightenment. But seeing how far others can go with this small help, lent through discussions and camaraderie and sympathy’ it’s all well worth the effort.