Facing your spiritual journey

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Changes come and go in our lives, and more often than not these changes affect us deeply. Be it positively or negatively, emotionally or physically; it’s natural that we encounter experiences that shape us and the way we live our lives. Now, this blog will be encompassing a specific sort of change, spiritual.  One very significant experience is your spiritual awakening. You may have heard it before or encountered it with your own degree of skepticism or acceptance, and this is another introduction amidst many.  It’s up to you whether you want to welcome your awakening or not. In any case, if you are interested, then this blog is just the right one for you!


SpiritualityEnlightenment or awakening is big words that will be thrown about with great frequency. In fact these have been used in so many applications and situations that it’s difficult to pin down exactly what it strictly means. But what we can be sure of is that it’s achievable and involves a fundamental change in oneself. You can change, you can be wakened spiritually and come to know yourself better in the process.


It’s high time your spiritual awakening is discussed. It’s broad and vague at this point, but the rest of this post will hopefully serve as a remedy. Awakening is rousing oneself;changing from one state of consciousness to another, but only spiritually. Technically, we are all awake. The fact that you are reading this proves my point, but some are more spiritually aware than others, and there’s no mistake in calling them spiritually awakened.


Though spiritual awakenings are unique, the hallmark of a spiritual awakening is a profound realization. It is a realization that tips your vision in life, something that is deep and personal. This realization comes with a spiritual truth that will stay with you, whether you pursue it or not. Things may not go back the way they were, especially if the awakening is dramatic and filled with stagnant energy that suddenly burst forth like the popular kundalini awakenings.


It may take a while to settle down, to sift through the innate changes and to chance upon the spiritual truth that your higher consciousness chose to give. Don’t panic if you can’t find it instantly, you have the rest of your life to figure it out because you have your own journey to fulfill. Calm yourself, because upon your spiritual awakening begins your journey. You have all the time in  your hands to reflect and recognize the instinctive changes, among other things that your spiritual awakening will doubtless inspire.


Everyone has a unique spiritual journey. Some take on habits like meditation, yoga and adapt certain lifestyles that embrace their growth towards a spiritual awakening. There’s nothing wrong with adapting habits, especially if they help you know yourself better. Your journey will certainly be more personal and attuned to you than it is to another person, though you are not on your own and this blog will hopefully serve as a guide. And though every journey takes different twists and turns, they share the same destination, which is spiritual awakening, if not spiritual growth.


So don’t be afraid to try out whatever activity calls you. You may find that your diet subtly leans more towards healthier food, or you may find that you seek out opportunities to help others, or a lot of things that your spiritual awakening will no doubt bring out of you. Don’t let your past self dictate your awakened self. Because your spiritual journey begins where your higher consciousness awakens.


Ultimately, spiritual growth is all about recognizing the truths of this world. It is seeing the world in an unhindered point of view. You’ll realize once you get there that you’d rather have substantial rather than superficial things on your mind. You’re ready to face spiritual truths and come to realize how vastly hindered you were before your awakening.


With this in mind, it’s good to welcome you towards recognizing your inherent capabilities. Whether you have faced your spiritual awakening or not, you innate spiritual growth is something to nurture. This is with high hopes that the very first post aided you!