Things that Affect the Prices of Iron on Patches

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For people looking to reproduce their logos, custom embroidered patches are one of the best and inexpensive options they should consider. It also provides convenience since they will no longer need to have their logos stitched on their garments. This is also a good way to save money. The variety of clothes and items on which iron on patches can be applied to is quite vast. This kind of versatility makes it a good branding strategy which is why most companies and organizations apply them on their uniforms. Among the best things about these patches is that they can feature a higher level of detail in their design compared to direct embroidery since they are sewn into twill fabrics which are more stable.

Lots of people order iron on patches without having much knowledge about them. It is easier to get the best out of your orders if you have more knowledge about the parts and types of custom patches. Through this, you can be certain that they will serve their purpose well. This can also shorten the process of ordering them and you will be able to have the assurance that their designs will look at their best. We are able to provide you with various suggestions for your designs if you opt to purchase from us but it is still best if you can figure out just how you want your patches to look like.

Iron on Patches

Percentage of embroidery coverage, size and quantity are the three main factors that affect the price of the patches. These are basically among the first things people should be mindful of before purchasing custom patches. We guide the clients who are looking to purchase patches on how they are priced. We provide a more detailed info on our website and we give them free quotes as well so they will be guided on the pricing.

Our company provides a cheaper cost per unit depending on the quantity of patches being ordered by our clients.

This is a good reason for them to purchase in bulk. We have a minimum order size for patches. We also accept orders below that number but with a fixed manufacturing cost. If you think that in the near future you will be needing more of the same custom patches you are planning to purchase, it would be better to have that margin in advance not just to cut the cost but also to save time. Keep in mind that each order takes time and in cases when clients need their custom patches right away, they will have to opt for a rush order.

PatchesThe size of the actual embroidered patches is the second thing that contributes to how they are priced. Iron on patches can be manufactured with different shapes and you literally have lots of shapes to choose from. Whether you are planning to go for shields, circles, squares, dragons or pentagons, the size will still be determined the same way. We simply add the height and width and divide them by two. It is wrong to assume that the size of patches are based on their actual area. This is the standard calculation that all of the manufacturers follow. Just follow this instead of using a basic geometric method of finding the area of patches when calculating for the costs.

The coverage of the embroidery that should be applied to your iron on patches is the third major factor in pricing.

Patches that need a lesser amount of embroidery will cost lesser than those that are completely covered since embroidery takes time and thread. The breakdown of prices are based on the 50%, 75% and 100% coverage categories. It is best to pick the right color of twill fabric in order to reduce the embroidery coverage needed for your design.

However, if you are looking to create a highly attractive batch of patches, 100% embroidery coverage can certainly serve you well. The outcome may vary depending on the design of the custom patches but they will definitely be more desirable compared to those with a lesser embroidery coverage.

There are a few more things that can affect the prices of one’s orders. This includes the features and add-ons. If you are looking for more info to be guided with your orders, you can simply check our site or ask a quote. We can also help you with your designs, ensuring that they will look as clear and as clean as possible when embroidered on the twill fabrics. Place your orders now to be certain that you will get them in the proper time.